Elena GR Studio


Branding, corporate supports, elements of communication online/offline, brand book

If it is about creating a new identity or to reinvent it, we will depart from the values and visions defined to create all his universe, strengthening and renewing, a new identity ready to go out to the world.


Web sites, newsletters, banners

Nowadays it is indispensable to get visibility in Internet. Create web content is needed to connect with the customers and to offer a few services of another more attractive and nearby form. We will create this link with a personalized design, prioritizing the usablilidad and the objective public.


Catalogues, magazines, flyers, cartels, front pages, advertising announcements

The format, model and design can be the key of the success. Prioritizing legibility and homogeneity, we will create a publication that guided by the graphical language of the brand.


Product design

The package of a product is the key to reach the consumer. Hierarchy and message joined the values of the brand will be basic to achieve our aim.


Photographic retouch, photomontage

Sometimes, after realizing a photography of product or portrait, it is needed of other technologies to create an impact, correcting or adding elements that did not exist at the image.